Best USA Sportsbooks And Online Sports Betting Sites

We know that not all online gambling takes place at online casinos, and that is due in part to a love of sports. Americans love sports, it's just that simple, and one of the reasons that Sportsbooks for USA players are as popular as they are. That is why there are so many options for Americans wanting to gamble on sports. To help USA sports bettors, we have found some of the best Sportsbooks for USA players to choose from. In these sports betting sites you can bet on games and test your knowledge on sports, all the while picking up some extra cash in the process. If you wish to know more about USA player online sportsbooks, then continue reading - we have only the best that the industry has to offer. Here on this site, you will find important information about betting sites for USA players, covering all of the most important topics that we have found through years or betting and research. As U.S players, there are plenty of opportunities for us to get in on sports betting action all of the country and beyond. Find out the legal status of online sportsbooks in the U.S, as well as what it takes to sign up, deposit, and begin to wager on all of your favorite teams and players.

Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept U.S.A. Players

Bovada Sportsbook - Most popular sports betting site for USA players

Bovada is easily one of the most trusted names in sports betting. They have 15 years of experience to match their most impressive list of betting lines and available sports. They operate fluidly, promising rapid payouts and easy deposits. Bovada runs lines on all the major sports, as well as some of the athletic oddities. Bovada gives players a 50 percent bonus up to $250 on a first-time deposit, which is one of the most impressive of all USA Sportsbook Bonuses. Visa credit cards, as well as a Rapid Transfer wire transfers are accepted methods of deposit. - Get a 25% bonus for every future deposit For Life has plenty of sports betting lines to choose from, and their unlimited bonus of a maximum amount of $900 on all deposits made into an account only adds to the satisfaction players feel when they signup. is one of the best-rated online sportsbooks for USA players. It is a legal betting option and accepts players from the United States. Deposit methods include a Visa or American Express card, as well as a money order, cashier's check, or a bank wire.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Bet On Sports And Then Play Poker Or Casino Games

BetOnline Sportsbook operates out of Panama, and has become one of the top online sportsbooks in the industry. Players from all 50 states in the U.S. are accepted. BetOnline really hooks players with their Lifetime Bonus offered. Players can receive a 15 percent or 25 percent bonus up to $900 on every deposit they make into their account. And when players visit BetOnline, they will see why it's one of the best, featuring hundreds of sports odds for professional and collegiate leagues in the U.S. and abroad.

5 Dimes Sportsbook - Best Odds Compared To Other U.S. Sportsbooks

5Dimes sticks to sports betting like ink to paper. 5Dimes holds betting lines on nearly every imaginable sports, as well as horse betting. Wagers may be called into the sportsbook at any given moment, as their phone room is always opened and accepting bets. Their promotions include reduced juice, reload bonuses, an initial deposit bonus, and even multiple promotions for their casino. The signup bonus includes a 50 percent bonus up to $200, with the chance to add $320 on top of that initial bonus with 20 percent up $520 total in free cash. With 5Dimes' dedication to betting you should always find yourself in a solid, profitable position.

DSI Sportsbook - Serving USA Players For More Then 10 years

Diamond Sportsbook International, or DSI, offers some of the most professional sports betting you could hope for. As one of the most reputed of all online sportsbooks, DSI has never had an incident of broken trust or misplaced wagers. DSI accepts a very wide array of different deposit methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and much more. DSI offers a 20% match bonus to $500, carrying the impressively low rollover of only 5x the total deposit. DSI is a leader in the industry, and this is a position which they have no intent on passing up. Bet on a wide variety of sports odds, with players in the United states encouraged to join DSI and get their betting endeavors underway.

More About Online Sportsbooks For USA Players

Are Online Sportsbooks Legal For U.S. Players?

Yes, there are a bunch of online sportsbooks which are legal for USA players to sign up and join, without having to worry about any of the federal and state gambling laws set down relating to sports betting in the United States. These online sportsbooks operate offshore outside of the U.S., but rank as some of the top online sports betting sites in the world.

Do Online Sportsbook Accept USA Players?

USA players looking for an online sportsbook to join often find it easy to sign up at an offshore betting site. Online sportsbooks outside of the U.S. accept USA bettors, and in many cases, encourage them to sign up and play at their betting site. These sites know the regulations and mandates installed in the U.S. at the state and federal levels, but at the same time know that U.S. bettors want ways to wager on sports without having to go to Las Vegas. That is where they come in, to fill the need and demand.

How Do I Deposit Into Online Sportsbook That Accepts USA Players?

So you are thinking about signing up for an account and want to wager real cash at one of these online sportsbooks that accept U.S. players. How will you be able to do that. Well, the process is probably much easier than you might think. In fact, many of the online sportsbooks have specific funding methods to make it easy on USA bettors. These include major credit card deposit options, usually in the forms of Visa, MasterCard or American Express. They work just like a typical credit card transaction.

Outside of credit card deposits, you will also see wire transfers from a hub like Western Union as an option. This directly deposits money from your bank account into your sportsbook account.

Other methods you can find include prepaid cards, money orders, cashier's checks, and some e-wallets.

Do I Get My Winning Fast From Online Sportsbooks?

Depending on the method that you choose to withdraw your money from, United States online sportsbooks can be quite quick. In fact, online sportsbooks make it a point of emphasis to get their players their winnings as quickly as possible. Electronic forms of payouts are probably the fastest, taking anywhere from two business days to 10 business days. Other payout methods include a check in the mail, which is probably the most common way. But it depends on the sportsbook you are signed up with and the methods that they offer.

What Betting Odds Do These USA Online Sportsbooks Have?

You will have hundreds of sports odds to choose from at many of the online sportsbooks where USA players are accepted. All of the online sportsbooks that are promoted and reviewed on here are done so for a reason. We have played at all of them, and know that they have a ton of great betting lines to choose from. Whether it's the NFL, college football, college basketball, the NBA, MLB, NHL, tennis, PGA Tour, UFC, boxing, soccer, and even entertainment and television betting odds, they have it covered.

When you sign up at one of these online sportsbooks, you will get access to placing several types of wagers. We don't mean the hundreds of betting lines that are formed on site, we mean the different wagers that you can make with the betting lines that are formed. Check out the wager types below that you will most likely run into.

Straight Bets - A straight wager is the most common type of bet made. This is your common point spread, moneyline, game total, prop betting lines and futures wager. You make one bet not connected to any other bet without skewing the line.

Parlay - A parlay links two or more bets together, but if one bet along the way loses the entire wager is lost. Payouts can get pretty high with a parlay.

If-Bet - An if-bet hinges on the first bet winning, and then moving on to a second wager. Essentially, if the first bet wins, then another wager is automatically placed that you have set up. If it loses, the bet loses.

Teasers And Pleasers - Teasers and pleasers are usually only for a couple of sports, utilized in the NFL at most online sportsbooks. This provides bettors the chance to shift the betting line one way or the other for different payout. Players can shift it in their favor, or away from their favor for a higher payout.

Live Betting At USA Player Sportsbooks

Live betting at USA online sportsbooks has taken off over the last couple of years, because frankly it's become really cool to use with the great technology and instant results offered at the betting sites. Games in all sports can be available for live betting, and can feature a variety of different bets that can come during. These can be alternate point spread, team props, player props, game props. Games that are featured for live betting will be listed out, or you can get in the live betting section of an online sportsbook to see what is available at the time you are looking.

Bovada Is Legal For All U.S. Players